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Walk On MP3, Real ~ Guitar & Vocals – Craig Siemsen, Banjo – Mark Dvorak, Harmonies – Patty Stevenson
A simple sweet love song that will have you singing along in no time. Mark adds a playful banjo riff to compliment Craig’s guitar introduction. As always, Craig blends natural imagery and love together in gentle prose.

Plum Creek Farmer MP3 , Real ~ Guitar & Vocals – Craig Siemsen, Guitar – Patty Stevenson, Train Whistle – Larry Penn
Listen for the Kansan wind as Craig tells the story of his Grandpa growing up on the great plains. A story of lost dreams; the song ends with Larry blowing one of his homemade train whistles. Patty adds to this powerful tune with a second rhythm guitar in drop D tuning. All of the photos (except the one of Craig) on the jacket are from this part of the country.

Must Be Love MP3Real ~ Guitar & Vocals – Craig Siemsen, Bass – Jim Gorton
Craig jokes on stage that being in a stable, loving relationship has produced a bumper crop of love songs with happy endings. A playful, jazzy romp with guitar and bass, Must Be Love reflects the deep love shared by Craig and Patty, both on and off stage.

Pontchartrain ~ Guitar & Vocals – Craig Siemsen, Harmonies – Patty Stevenson
This tune already has people singing along during performances. Joining Craig on harmonies for this song is Patty Stevenson. Frequent duo performers, Patty and Craig are noted for their beautiful harmonies.

Good Old Dog ~ Guitar & Vocals – Craig Siemsen, Banjo – Mark Dvorak, Mandolin – Lil’ Rev
Writing about your dog is a time honored tradition in folk music. Mark and Rev add a little Old Timey flavor to this tune.

New Age Casanova ~ Guitar & Vocals – Craig Siemsen, Harmonies – Patty Stevenson, Jim Gorton, Katie Gorton
If ever there was a scoundrel out there waiting to steal women’s hearts, the New Age Casanova is one of them. Based on Craig’s observations of this unique counterculture creature, this song takes many of the words and practices found in the New Age community and creates a very funny musical portrait.

Farewell To The Giants/Jefferson & Liberty  MP3 , Real ~ Guitar & Vocals – Craig Siemsen, Fiddle – Maria Terres
A beautiful piece based on the essays of an Amish farmer. Maria offers a fiddle instrumental with a rousing rendition of the traditional dance tune Jefferson and Liberty at the end.

Joanne’s Waltz ~ Guitar & Vocals – Craig Siemsen, Fiddle – Maria Terres, Harmonies – Patty Stevenson
This song is based on incorrect information about how two friends met and fell in love. Craig liked it anyway, so here it is!

Falling ~ Guitar & Vocals – Craig Siemsen, Bass – Jim Gorton
One of the first songs Craig ever wrote (circa 1978), Falling is a poem in the abstract. Many have asked for explanations as to the meaning of some lines and phrases in this song. Craig sees it as an impressionist piece. The final, sung poem, was written at the Guggenheim in New York.

Geese In The Night ~ Guitar & Vocals – Craig Siemsen
While walking home one night in the city, an amazing event took place before Craig’s eyes. Never one to turn his back on inspiration, he wrote this song.

I Know You Rider MP3, Real ~ Guitar & Vocals – Craig Siemsen, Harp – Lil’ Rev, Bass – Jim Gorton
A traditional song usually played in a folk style, this version of I Know You Rider is full tilt blues. Jim’s driving bass and the soaring harp of Rev create a down home foundation for Craig’s delivery of this classic.

Look To The Moon ~ Guitar, Vocals & Drumming – Craig Siemsen
The last cut on Plum Creek Farmer, this tune offers a look into Craig’s view of himself in the world. Look To The Moon takes us home with evocative guitar leads, drumming and the poem “Mississippi”.

Mississippi (Craig Siemsen c. 2001).

Surge up the banks in your disturbance
Mechanical tools churn your ageless grace
They hold on

golden serpents
caress your shores
the evil in us?
or the beauty of design
they remember not
go back to no home
theirs is freedom
in death

muddy waters slide
on past my memories
of what you are
surge up the banks
in quiet meditation
yours is forever
as water does flow
as birds will cry out
in need of mate and silence
fall to the river
consumed by the depths
carried on by the movement
How far will you go?
carried by the passion

earth smells
richest by water
meld with the soil
How far will you go?
carried by the pain

Move on river
doesn’t wait
doesn’t care
ageless movement
full circle
guiding up earth’s surface
Heron flies
image reflected
in dark water
helps me forget
my humanity
as golden serpent
forgets it’s home

Move on!
and quiet the soul
in the fluids wombs
movement of birth


“Milwaukee based singer/songwriter/guitarist Siemsen offers his second CD. Acoustic instrumentation back his pleasing voice and confident songs. His press kit refers to a ‘bumper crop of love songs with happy outcomes.’ Of these, ‘Walk on’ is a gem. It opens the CD with summery images and is so damn bold with its cuteness that only someone head over heels could make it work. But there are other sides to his emotional palate. The title track is a heartbreaking tale of his grandfather, a good man who never realized his own dreams. ‘New Age Casanova’ lives up to its title and will either have you rolling or looking inward! Great stuff!”

– Victory Review

“Great CD!”

– Jim Glynn WMSE, Milwaukee, WI

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